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Thank God for those committed to obeying the Lord’s command.
We are thankful and praise God for those who were baptised recently. The Community Hall venue was full to capacity with our congregation and family members witnessing the public declaration of seven young people, saying to the world they are committed to following Jesus with all of their lives. 

My special adoration go to Bethany, she was the one who just before Christmas approached me and asked to be baptised. just had witnessed her brother’s baptism just over a year ago. She had the opportunity to be baptised then but felt she wasn’t sure and said she would wait. praise God she decided now she was ready. Because of her faithfulness, others were able to join her in this tremendous public witness.

Our commitment as a church family is to continue to support these young people in their journey of faith. God uses these young people to bless others. We celebrate God’s goodness at the other young person, a friend of bethany who came as a visitor to witness Bethany’s baptism, she decided that she would like to give her life to Christ. So another baptism is in the plan soon.. watch this space. Pastor K


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